Make up to $1,000 with your ChatBot in 4 Simple Steps.

Oh and we’ll pay by the click…


For the last six months team has been hard at work trying to bring simple monetization tools to the chat bot ecosystem. We think this one is going to be a hit. If you don’t want to read and just want to know more click here.

Have you visited us at recently? A lot has changed, but for the most part we’re still trying to figure out the best way to make money from chat bots. Till now we’ve been doing that through product recommendations.

But why did we start with product recommendations?

               We integrate with Amazon & Shopify for product recommendations

For 4 years we’ve been building chat bots, small ones, large ones, massive tens of millions MAU ones, but after we built a client chat bot that went from zero to 250k in a month we started to really look at what tools were out there to make money from the traffic. Make money from the interactions.

Banner ads? No shot.

Pop ups? Never.

Redirect users to some page filled with Adsense links? Pfffft. Give me a break.

What’s cool about chat bots is the engagement, the conversational aspects. It’s the forerunner for the Voice First UX movement. We wanted to figure out how to cash in on the conversation. But we found nothing… So like most new products we started building for ourselves.


We love Gifty!!! Check out for some other bots we’re loving right now!

We started with product recommendations and dropped those into our mega bot and after 6 months have made medium five figures in affiliate commission. Example Shoes for men a huge niche that’s under served.  We opened up the platform to others, so they could make product recommendations, and after 3 months we’ve realized a couple things.

1. Most people building bots are too busy coming up with a cool idea, acquiring new users and keeping those users engaged with fresh content. They hesitate at the thought of pushing people off their bot to make an amazon purchase.

2. Amazon purchases are high friction. What I mean is, the user has to leave your bot, purchase something, not return it, Amazon has to pay you. If all that works out it could be 30–45 days before you get paid.

Now we have some folks making $300–$400 a month, some making more, but most making less. It takes a while to build up a pipeline and you’re always beholden to Amazon to pay you which occasionally doesn’t happen.

So back to the drawing board we went, trying to solve issue #1 & #2.

We decided to build a product that would always pay, because we would own the end to end product. It had to be low friction and create revenue for a chat bot developer.

Something that ideally pays by the click.

But like before we want it to be relevant to chat.

Well, we think we may be close with this one, and we need your help.

                                              It could look exactly like this!
  1. We think acquiring users via chat bots is easiest when those users come from other chat bots.
  2. We think chat bots recommending other chat bots is very relevant to chat, doesn’t come off as spam and is a great way to earn $$$.

So we’ve implemented Chat Bot Recommendations . We’ve got a bunch of chat bots who want more users, we’re looking for chat bots who are interested in recommending those chat bots, and of course making money while they do it.


Step 1: If you’re interested sign up here.

Step 2: We review your details, answer any questions you have & provide you with an API key.

Step 3: You tell us where we can pay you.

Step 4: You implement the recommendation anyway you want and at the end of the month we pay you.

Its that simple. Email us at if you have any questions, please share with your chat bot friends and be sure to clap for us, we really appreciate it!

Love always, Team Cashbot

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