Today was a good day.

Today we accelerated our chat & conversational project. We’ll use this blog to discuss topics related to the project, bot engineering, best practices, updates to the project and in general a way to communicate in short form with our friends, partners and admirers.

That’s it. Nothing more to say for now so I’ll leave you with a copy paste from the seminal white paper written by Jason Maynard (former president @ netsuite now @Oracle & the software industry analyst team at Wells Fargo, circa 2013 – entitled “Syndicated Commerce”.  Enjoy!


Personal clouds, social networks, and a myriad of computing devices all reflect a growing trend that puts the user at the center of the technology universe. Across nearly every application type, the individual digital identity is becoming the core of technology interaction models. All the elements of a traditional PC-based operating system are being reimagined in the cloud. More than a decade ago this was a radical idea theorized by Web services concepts such as Microsoft’s “Hailstorm”. In our view, as is so often the case in technology, the truly disruptive ideas just take some time to become widely adopted.

Fast forward to 2013 and it is very clear to us that the shift to user-centric computing is now a battle being joined by the largest Internet firms. Whether it is Google Account, Facebook Connect, Twitter ID, Amazon’s Account ID, Apple’s iCloud, Dropbox’s file system, or Microsoft’s Live there is a massive push to own the user identity. This race is playing out throughout all types of online communities, content types, and application services.

But one area that has not yet benefited from the shift to user centricity is commerce. This is where we believe the next great monetization opportunity exists. Putting the user in the center of the commerce experience could launch the transformation of online advertising into a closed loop, performance-driven model.

As more and more user interactions become both digitized and mobile, we contend that commerce models will follow a path that makes the user the destination and puts the individual in control. We believe customers expect businesses to interact with them when, where, and how they prefer. We believe the attributes of a great customer experience are now based on relevancy, context, location, and of course, identity. The catalyst for this transformation is an evolutionary new design that sculpts commerce into a hyper-personal experience that spans mobile, social, local, in-store, TV, and Web capabilities.

We call this new approach “Syndicated Commerce” and believe it will affect all participants within the commerce and advertising ecosystems. Syndicated commerce extends the buying experience by fusing advertising, marketing, sales, and distribution into a multi-channel, multi-platform model that links purchase intent to conversion across any computing surface. This has long been the advertisers’ Holy Grail and represents a significant leap forward relative to today’s difficult-to-measure advertising systems.

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